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Federal Judge Dismisses Parks-Miller’s Law Suit Describing It As Inartful and Vitriolic

Centre County Law > Law  > Federal Judge Dismisses Parks-Miller’s Law Suit Describing It As Inartful and Vitriolic

Federal Judge Dismisses Parks-Miller’s Law Suit Describing It As Inartful and Vitriolic

Today a Federal Judge summarily dismissed District Attorney Parks-Miller’s lawsuit against State College lawyer Bernard Cantorna and Bryant & Cantorna.  In a 30 page opinion the court noted that nothing Attorney Cantorna said was untrue, nor did it have a defamatory connotation.  U.S. Judge Matthew Brann denied Parks-Miller the opportunity to amend her complaint holding that a speedy resolution of the charged dispute was both efficient and proper.   Judge Brann wrote that no person should be forced to endure the looming spectre of these charges, especially when they are judged deficient by a federal tribunal.  Accordingly all charges against Attorney Cantorna were dismissed with prejudice.


“We are very happy to be vindicated by a federal court”, said Bernie Cantorna.  “No one should be subject to a suit for speaking out about an elected official.  Judge Brann described my statements as both truthful and benign.  The unfortunate part is that the damage done to our County and the judicial system is not benign, it is  very serious and its source is our elected District Attorney”, said Cantorna.


In dismissing all claims with prejudice, Judge Brann wrote that Parks-Millers’ “inartfully” pled lawsuit, “spiked with vitriol” did not meet even a lower “plausibility” pleading standard. Citing a recent issue of the THE BENCHER magazine Judge Brann admonished Parks Miller: “Do not invent law.”








  • Kris Hopkins
    Reply May 11, 2016 at 10:33 pm

    Thank God for good judges. A small piece of hope in the justice system is returned to Centre County today. Citizens in Centre County would really like to see our PA Disciplinary Board act with similar due diligence in regard for our safety regarding this corrupt public official who needs to have her law license revoked!!

  • Lambert Kerr
    Reply May 12, 2016 at 1:54 am

    Shown for what she really is not an upholder of law, quite the opposite she thinks she can bend or invent the law to fit her own adgenda. I would like to know when the texting between her and Lunsford will be made public seeing how they are Centre County’s phones which to me are county’s property including the text made on it. If Queen Blonde has nothing to hide she should want them out in the open, but with Lunsford hasty departure I don’t think she wants them made public.

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