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The Importance of Contacting a Lawyer Immediately After Being Injured

It is extremely important that an injured person immediately contact an attorney so that a speedy investigation can be done before witnesses forget, and the scene or situation changes. Rest assured that the responsible party’s insurance company is conducting their investigation with the intent of minimizing or defeating your claim. An insurance company may be quicker in settling your claim without legal representation in hopes of settling their claim cheaply and to their advantage. So remember, that no matter how friendly an insurance adjuster may appear to be, he represents the interests of the other side and is solely interested in securing a settlement or disposition which is favorable to the insurance company.

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Personal injury is tough. We understand. The Attorneys at Bryant & Carson are compassionate, caring, always look out for your best interests. We specialize in cases of severe and serious injury, spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injury and wrongful death. We have offices in Millheim and State College, Center County, Pennsylvania. We accept serious personal injury cases anywhere in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

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