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Marcellaeus Shale Injuries

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Marcellaeus Shale Injuries
Natural gas exploration and construction can put oil and gas field workers at risk of serious injury and death. Despite work and safety regulations, workers are  routinely exposed to the risk of injury from this dangerous work. At Bryant andCarson we are experienced trial lawyers who are ready to protect gas workers who have been injured because of the actions of drilling companies and other subcontractors.

The oil and gas industry fights hard to minimize these claims and their exposure. We have the resources and experience to ensure that you are not victimized a second time.

We will review and accept serious cases in the following:

  • drilling accidents
  • excavation accidents
  • pipeline explosions
  • oil and gas truck accidents
  • injuries from chemical leaks and spills
  • injuries from groundwater contamination

Contact the Law offices of Bryant and Carson for your free case evaluation. We are experienced trial lawyers who specialize in cases of severe and serious injury, spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injury and wrongful death. We have offices in Millheim and State College, Centre County, Pennsylvania. We accept serious cases anywhere in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

Marcellaeus shale Leases

If you’re considering signing a gas lease or have signed a lease and want the gas company to drill or give up the lease, contact the offices of Bryant and Carson. We have successfully brought cases against the oil and gas industry for their failure to honor these leases.