A Call From An Insurance Adjustor

I recently had a client in to prepare for a deposition in an auto accident case.  It is a case where the other driver is clearly at fault for the injuries and damages suffered.  When I read the client his recorded statement given to the driver’s insurance adjuster, his comment to me was: “I should have spoken to an attorney first”.  In this client’s case the interview was taken shortly after the auto – truck  accident,  while the client was medicated awaiting  surgery.

This client learned the hard way that the investigator’s object was not to investigate, but to create defenses to a claim that had no defense.  Luckily for this client, an investigation revealed two eye witnesses who placed the fault squarely on the other driver.  Nevertheless, the statements given are part of the case and could have easily been avoided.  If the other driver’s insurance company wants to speak with you, contact an attorney first.  In an auto accident case a  telephone consultation is free.  If you are the injured party contact your State College Lawyers at Bryant & Carson before talking to the other side.

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