Criminal Law

Sometimes, a person may be innocent of a crime they commit. In other cases, the person may want to fight for a lesser sentence and reduce their jail/prison time or fines. At Bryant & Associates, serving Millheim, State College, and the general vicinity, we help those accused of a crime receive the most favorable outcome.


DUI entails a person driving under the influence, and the law doesn’t handle these cases lightly because of the known risks. In Pennsylvania, you can lose your license, be subject to fines, and possibly even have to serve jail time. After every subsequent offense, the penalties only increase.

Drug Possession

Depending on the amount and type of drug, drug possession can be a misdemeanor or felony. You can be subject to fines and jail time. And the penalties increase after every offense.


Theft can be a misdemeanor or felony, depending on the situation. Jail time and fines can impact your life immensely, and when you have to serve and can’t pay the fines, the problem exasperates. With facilities filling up, we often can save you from serving time.


Any degree of burglary is a felony. The consequences are harsh, from serving time to fines to probation or parole. We, however, can lessen the blow for you as much as possible.

At Bryant & Associates, we know the laws and how to get the most favorable outcomes. We fight on your side, whether you’re guilty of the crime or innocent. Contact our office today for a consultation by calling 814-238-4370.

our testimonials

“I had Mr. Bryant for my custody conference. He worked with the other parties attorney to get what was in the best interest of the children, even though the other party was not listening to his councel. I would highly recommend Mr Bryant and I know he will be who I will call if I ever again need representation. Thank you, Mr Bryant!”