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According to recent studies, medical negligence annually results in between 44,000 and 98000 preventable deaths. The number of severe injuries due to medical malpractice has been estimated to be in excess of 1 million per year in US hospitals. In a 2009 study, 20 percent of responding physicians admitted they did not disclose to their patients mistakes that had occurred to avoid a possible lawsuit.

If you believe you or a loved one has been harmed as a result of medical negligence, call our office.

Attorney Malpractice

It can be hard to find a lawyer whos will sue another lawyer for malpractice. We choose all of our cases very carefully and if a lawyer has wronged a client we will take on their case. We believe it’s our ethical duty to ensure that the legal system brings justice to those individuals who deserve it. Sometimes the legal system fails, mistakes are made or even worse people are taken advantage of by unethical professionals. If you’ve been seriously damaged because of somebody else’s actions, we will see that justice is done on your case.

At Bryant and Carson, we have been holding professionals accountable for over 30 years. Our firm currently holds the two largest civil jury verdicts in Centre County and the adjoining counties for a professional malpractice claim. If a statute of limitations has been allowed to expire on a meritorious case, or even worse theft, fraud or misuse of funds has occurred, contact our law office. Our law firm does not usually handle legal malpractice in the areas of criminal defense or child custody.

Click here for a story on a $1.75 million dollar attorney malpractice claim.

Psychologist Malpractice

At Bryant and Cantona we have successfully prosecuted cases of psychologist and psychiatrist malpractice. These cases can range from the failure of a doctor to warn a victim of a dangerous patient, to the professional taking advantage of the relationship they have with their patients. At Bryant and Carson, we understand the trust that patients put in their doctors and we will hold those professionals accountable when that trust is betrayed. We have successfully tried to a jury the largest civil jury verdict in Central Pennsylvania for a psychologist’s malpractice. We understand the damage that their actions or inactions can cause. If you or a loved one has been harmed as a result of the actions of a psychologist or psychiatrist contact our office for a free consultation.