Passenger Claims Attorneys in State College, Pennsylvania

If you are a passenger in the vehicle involved in a car accident, you may file an injury claim under both the insurance coverage of the driver and the coverage of any other vehicle involved in the crash. If one driver does not have enough insurance to cover your total damages, you can look to the other vehicle for insurance coverage. As a passenger in the car, you are not at fault in the crash and should be compensated for all your injuries.

Many passengers in car accidents are not sure if they can bring a claim against a family member who was the driver of a car involved in an accident. While the driver might not be able to make a claim, you as the innocent passenger can bring a claim, and the driver’s auto insurance will cover it. There may be insurance coverage for medical expenses, missed work, and the personal injuries you suffered. As a passenger, you do not share responsibility with the driver for his negligent actions.

If you were a passenger in a car accident in Pennsylvania, it is important that you hire skilled personnel injury attorneys who have a track record of success. Contact the Law Offices of Bryant and Carson for your free case evaluation.

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