Estate Planning and Administration

Nobody wants to think about their demise, but it’s necessary if you have children and any belongings. It ensures your wishes are respected and there’s legal documentation as evidence.


A will is a document that states how your property, money, and other assets should be distrusted in the event of your passing. We help you draft a legally binding document that reduces or eliminates any disputes over your property after your passing, giving you peace of mind. We also handle living wills, a document that states what life-saving measures you would like.

Powers of Attorney

Although nobody wants to become unable to handle their own affairs, unforeseeable circumstances can occur. At this point, they need someone they can trust to make decisions on their behalf. This document designates this person.


A trust allows you to pass assets to your heirs and hold them until a certain time. It allows your heirs to receive items in the trust once they reach an age of maturity. It can help shield your assets from taxes as well.

Inheritance Tax

The government is entitled to a portion if you receive an inheritance, whether in the form of assets or money. We can help you remain legally compliant after you inherit anything.


You never want to think about not being there for your children, but it happens. So, you need to plan for their futures and ensure guardianship goes to someone you can trust with something so precious.

At Bryant & Associates, serving Millheim, State College, and the surrounding PA areas, we can help you prepare your estate planning and administration.

We have experience and comprehensive knowledge about everything related to estate planning. We can help you put your wishes into a legal document to let you know your family will get what they deserve or you have someone you can trust to handle your affairs. Contact us today for all your estate planning and administration needs by calling 814-238-4370.

our testimonials

“I had Mr. Bryant for my custody conference. He worked with the other parties attorney to get what was in the best interest of the children, even though the other party was not listening to his councel. I would highly recommend Mr Bryant and I know he will be who I will call if I ever again need representation. Thank you, Mr Bryant!”