Real Estate

Buying a home is an exciting time for a person, whether you’re a first-time homebuyer or are making a move. The process, particularly the legal aspect, can be stressful despite the joys.

Deed Preparation

We can help with transferring and drafting. It ensures that everything legally goes through properly and that you remain compliant with the law. The responsibility of this process is on the seller. They’re the ones who must have the deed prepared and drafted.

However, this benefits the buyer because when an attorney with experience and skill is responsible, the process goes much more smoothly and quickly for the buyer. It can help to speed up the closing process.

In certain cases, transferring and drafting the deed is a rather cut-and-dry process. However, even in challenging cases, a real estate attorney from our team can help you overcome those obstacles.

Title Insurance

Having title insurance gives you peace of mind that a home transaction will go in your favor. It covers any legal fees associated with the process.

This policy will be useful if a dispute over ownership happens after the purchase. Therefore, the policy will take effect when a dispute occurs, and you won’t be responsible for all the fees.

At Bryant and Associates, serving State College, Millheim, and the nearby PA region, we make the process easy for you and allow you to enjoy this time. We assist both buyers and sellers with real estate transactions. With us, you’ll have less stress and can move to your next location sooner. Contact us today for a consultation.

our testimonials

“I had Mr. Bryant for my custody conference. He worked with the other parties attorney to get what was in the best interest of the children, even though the other party was not listening to his councel. I would highly recommend Mr Bryant and I know he will be who I will call if I ever again need representation. Thank you, Mr Bryant!”