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Opinion: Mandatory Minimum Sentence

Your cell phone weighs approximately 1.4 pounds. Doesn’t really like seem like much, does it? We carry things like this all the time. Can you imagine serving a life sentence in prison for this? Neither could Ronald Harmelin after a Michigan judge handed down his sentence for possession of cocaine. And although Ronald had never committed any... Learn more

Testimonial: Erica

"I had Mr. Bryant for my custody conference. He worked with the other parties attorney to get what was in the best interest of the children, even though the other party was not listening to his counsel. I would highly recommend Mr Bryant and I know he will be who I will call if I ever again need representation. Thank you, Mr... Learn more

Kane Appoints Former Maryland Attorney General

Kane today appointed a “special prosecutor” to look into potential ethical violations and possible criminal conduct regarding emails sent between government officials. She purportedly is interested in “investigating a network of troubling relationships”, said the kettle to the... Learn more

Opinion: Prison Overpopulation

Have you ever missed class before? Ever come home after curfew? Had a friend who maybe wasn’t the best influence on you? Now imagine going to jail for one of those. This concept is neither surprising nor rare to the one in 35 adults or 112,000 people in Pennsylvania who are on probation or parole. In fact, on any given day in the U.S., 95,000... Learn more