April 26, 2016

Centre County Jury Verdict of $83,000 For Mount Nittany Hospital’s Medical Malpractice

Our firm filed a medical malpractice lawsuit against Mount Nittany Medical Center alleging that the emergency room failed to diagnose his client’s spinal cord injury. Instead the suit alleged that the client was diagnosed with a sprained wrist and told to ice her injury. The client traveled to George Washington University 10 days later where her spinal cord injury was diagnosed and treated. The suit alleged that the delay in diagnosis and treatment cause the client further injury. On March 23, 2016 a Centre County Jury agreed and entered judgment against the hospital. “The jury’s verdict in this medical malpractice claim stands for the proposition that when a patient goes to an ER with a possible spinal cord injury, that patient needs to be seen by a spinal cord specialist, not a physician’s assistant”, said our State College lawyer. “Personal injury law suits and medical malpractice claims are important because jury verdicts help change behavior and provide justice to those who are injured due to other’s negligence. If this verdict causes the hospital to call a doctor before discharging a possible spinal cord injured patient, then both the client and Centre County residents win”, explained our attorney.

“I was very impressed with the work that the jury did, they were very attentive and thoughtful. The jurors sat through a 3 day trial and were fair to both sides”, said the client. “I am especially grateful to the attorney for his help and guidance with what was a very stressful process. He spent time to understand our story and told our truth to the jurors. Throughout the trial, my attorney stressed to me that I could trust the jury, tell the truth and justice would occur”, explained the client. “I am grateful to the jurors, the judge and our lawyer, and hope that no one else has to go through what I experienced”.

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